I've written about almost everything. From local art to global warming, you name it and I'll cover it. If there's a subject you have in mind - I’ll find an angle. I am a skilled interviewer and love whittling down information to get to the heart of the story.


Clear, informative writing that helps your business relate to its audience can make all the difference. I want to help your company find its voice.


You never know when inspiration strikes. For those proverbial moments when I’m caught out in the rain without an umbrella, I track my thoughts at my blog, Kathy, I'm Lost. [CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Make it count with the right words that will captivate your readers with the creativity, style and purpose your business excels in. Engaging writing can make the difference between your potential audience strolling by or taking the time to see what makes you worth knowing.

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your website or business by enticing your audience with creative and concise copy – look no further. I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you.

From the grapevine

David Johnson

David Johnson

Current Designer and Social Media Manager at JAX Chamber and Director of Communications and Digital Innovation at TEDxJacksonville/Former Editor at Folio Weekly

Ms. Lake excelled as an intern covering arts and entertainment as well as local issues and politics. As the Arts and Entertainment Editor, I needed interns who could jump in and work as if they were seasoned writers. Fortunately, Ms. Lake was one of the best interns I encountered during more than a decade in journalism. Her maturity, diligence, creativity and passion for writing served her well during her semester with us.

Zach Sweat

Zach Sweat

Editor at Void Magazine

Amber has been a contributing writer at Void for a number of years. She first began as an intern, but we liked her style so much, we decided to keep her around. Her writing is just the right mixture of edgy and sarcastic to be a perfect fit for whatever assignment we throw her way.

Megan Seery

Megan Seery

Communications Strategist at Piedmont Healthcare

Amber Lake is a dynamic and unusually skilled writer who can articulate complex ideas in the form of clear, understandable language. I've hired her for numerous writing jobs and found Amber to have a meticulous eye for detail and the instinctive ability to know when to ask the next question. Beyond that, Amber is witty, inquisitive and community-minded. She comes highly recommended.

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